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Raw Photography

I am so stinking excited to finally share this rebrand!

When Kayleigh first transitioned her love for photography from a hobby to a part time job, she focused more on the fitness industry. That, combined with her own personal love for powerlifting, led to her first brand: Fitspired Photography. As Kayleigh’s business and portfolio grew, she found what she really loved was capturing those moments that show true and genuine authenticity. Those photos that took all the beauty those souls had on the inside and boldly showcased it on the outside, for everyone to see. Including the clients themselves. (I mean, how many of us kinda hate taking photos??)

I think Kayleigh said it best: “There was a calling inside me to capture this raw beauty for them to see for themselves and to share with the world.” 

Woah. Pretty amazing, huh? And, PS…if you haven’t see her work, you definitely need to go check it out. Just a few minutes into her photographs and you’ll see exactly just how much raw authenticity and beauty she pulls out of every single one of her clients. 

And now we get to the part of the story where Kayleigh decided it was time for a rebrand. She loved Fitspired Photography, but she knew that brand wasn’t really encompassing what she does and who she wanted to work with (hint: everyone who wants or needs to unleash that glorious authentic beauty).

As soon as we started talking about her “why,” one word popped into my head with a quickness and relentless persistence. Yup…”raw.” Now, full disclosure. I had to be super careful and intentional about what word came next, less I give her a brand that had an inaccurate and potentially salacious connotation. Think about it: Raw Photography? You probably totally get it. But Raw Studios or Raw Images or Raw Photos…you get the gist, yes? 

I was immediately drawn to a more neutral/nude palette that would just make you feel all kinds of cozy and serene. Emotions that would perfectly support Kayleigh’s endeavors to get her clients comfortable in front of the camera so she can capture the beauty on the inside and out. I also knew I wanted to keep the graphic simple, clean, sleek, modern, and with just a touch of that rawness. Neither Kayleigh or I wanted to just slap a camera on her new brand. Because…no. And this little beauty appealed right to the heart of this often (pretty much always) minimalist designer. Bonus: I added in her initials (k.a.g.) to keep it personalized and all hers.

I am super, crazy stoked with where we ended up. I’m obsessed with it, but what’s more important is at every step, Kayleigh was over the moon. It’s great if I create something I love, but when your client not only loves your work but showers you with incredibly humbling compliments like “you just get me…this is exactly what I wanted…this is so perfect…” That is everything I could ever ask or hope for, and EXACTLY why I do what I do. The fact that she was also a dream to work with was just the icing on the cake.

Definitely go check Kayleigh and Raw Photography out. You’ll be glad you did. 

And friends…if you ever find yourself wondering if your brand is “you” enough, hit me up. I would love nothing more than to chat with you and create something amazing. 

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