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Always be the shark…

Creating the branding and web design for this specific project and this specific client has been one the most fun and most rewarding projects I’ve done since I began as a designer.

It helps when the client is not only your business coach (and a freaking rockstar one at that), but is also one of your closest friends, fiercest cheerleaders, and just all out badass human being.

My friend, Dr. Stevie Dawn, is this incredibly talented, knowledgable, and insightful person whose superpowers include bringing out the best in those around her and giving them the courage they need to give themselves permission to unleash their own brand of bad-assery in the world. And if you know anything about me, you know one of my favorite tag lines is “the world does not benefit from you hiding your bad-assery.” I’m tellin’ ya, Stevie is my kinda human.

Stevie is also crazy obsessed with sharks. No, like CUH-RAY-ZEE obsessed. I dare say her obsession rivals my own (with animals in general). But it’s not just an obsession. It’s an appreciation, an understanding, and a heaping dose of respect for these magnificent creatures. And the respect goes deep enough that she has been working in shark-related pearls of wisdom and truth bombs for her clients and followers for quite some time now. So when she came to me about creating a brand around her oft used advice of “always be the shark,” I was freaking STOOOOOOOOKED.

I wanted to give Stevie everything I knew she was dreaming of in her new shark inspired brand while keeping it sleek, modern, and professional. And it was crucial it be handled in such a way as to clearly be her thing, yes, but also live clearly on this side of the line of cliche or gimmicky (because, no).

Basically, I wanted her brand and designs to be everything she is: badass, but approachable. Real and honest but also professional and informed. Perhaps a bit quirky, a clear and trusted authority, capable, empowering, and sharktastic (how could I not?).

Creating her website was done with the same approach: let’s make sure we’re giving her audience everything they need: all the knowledge, tools, and opportunities to actually BE the shark, but also give them some encouragement, real stories, humor, and, yes, shark facts.

I could not be more elated with or proud of how this all turned out. If you’ve been to my site and poked around, then you know that my site is one of the things of which I am most proud. It was a true labor of love, but oh-so-much fun. Creating this site for Stevie was nothing short of the same, and maybe even a bit more.

Go check out this new, shiny, shark-filled virtual home. And not just if you’re an entrepreneur or aspiring badass (which, aren’t we all?). But if you’re human, want to see something cool, learn about someone WAY cooler, and connect with this person who hasn’t even scratched the surface of the awesomeness she’s unleashing into this world (hint: she’s got some BIG things coming, and they’re NOT just for entrepreneurs. This is something we can ALL use), then don’t waste another second.

It’s time to be the shark, friends.

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