ICYMI: There was an article published recently in The Times (UK) that has caused quite a stir. And for good reason.  A columnist boldly claimed the stage and – while I won’t presume to know their intentions – the resulting article spreads dangerously misinformed views on ADHD, Autism, and the broader neurodivergent community.  In the […]

be the shift

CALLING.  Definition: the loud cries or shouts of an animal or person; a strong urge toward a particular way of life or career “To call means to name, and to name means to call into being or to make.”  Ok, so check it. I don’t believe in coincidences. So when I looked up the definition […]


When I talk to current clients, prospective clients, other entrepreneurs, or really just anyone asking about what it is that I do, one thing keeps coming up: what’s the first thing I need to know when starting a business? Fair warning, this is one of my favorite soapboxes. The first thing you’ve got to know […]

your brand is not about you (gasp!)

Today we’re are talking about branded collateral. Great! But what the heck is that? Today we’re are talking about branded collateral. Great! But what the heck is that? Branded collateral is any visual, media, or any other touchpoint you use to promote your brand. Things like your logo, fonts, colors, website, business cards, social media […]

branded collateral

So this is gonna be super quick. What I want to give to you today is this: no matter what it is you’re doing and whether you’ve already got your business or you’re only thinking about starting it, position yourself as the expert. And this isn’t a “want to,” it’s a “have to.” Decide on […]

be the expert

Hey friends. So I wanted to pop in here really quick and share some gold from a recent webinar I attended with one of my favorites, and someone I would consider a coach and a mentor, Donnie Boivin. Go check him out and his badass group on Facebook: Success Champions. Anywho, I just wanted to […]

level up your crowd

Hey, party people. I’m here to share a quick tip with you for logo design. So when you’re designing your logo, whether you’re doing a wordmark (like Coca Cola) or it’s an icon or illustration or whatever, make sure you take a look at it zoomed out. Like, way out. Because I’m designing on an […]

zoom is your friend (the design tool, not the video app/service, though it’s pretty rad too)

I recently had an “interesting” sales conversation. This convo led to a live video in my Facebook group, and now I’m here. Because I think it’s worth talking about, there are some valuable lessons, and it’s fresh on my brain. Let me start by borrowing a bit of gold from one of the best books […]

the word du jour: disqualify

Y’all, I have some crucial info to share with you, and I really really really NEED you to hear me on this. In this world’s ridiculously oversaturated market filled with more noise than we can ever sift through, it’s simply not enough to just be “different.” You have to be RADICALLY different.  And instead of […]

be radically different

Creating the branding and web design for this specific project and this specific client has been one the most fun and most rewarding projects I’ve done since I began as a designer. It helps when the client is not only your business coach (and a freaking rockstar one at that), but is also one of […]

Always be the shark…